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Mermaid Beach Radiology Gold Coast

At Mermaid Beach Radiology, we pride ourselves, as specialists, in providing the highest quality clinical imaging services for our patients. Our private practice in Mermaid Beach hosts the full range of medical imaging from X-rays and MRI’s to CT scans.

Our procedures are undertaken with the latest technology – this, combined with our highly qualified team and professional environment, is why patients are choosing our radiology clinic to carry out their examinations.

We try to provide bulk billing for patients if your procedure is Medicare eligible.

About our
Gold Coast radiology Clinic

Founded in 2021, Mermaid Beach Radiology is not only a specialist in imaging, but we are also leaders in research and innovation, setting a service benchmark as a provider for not only the Queensland area but the whole of Australia.

Investment in the latest imaging equipment means that our results are immediate, reducing patient wait time. There are little to no levels of radiation used in our medical equipment, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that our clinics both increase your safety, and honour our commitment to environmental protection.

Medicare Bulk
billing services we offer

For more information on our bulk-billed services, have a look below at the menu of procedures we offer. All procedures at our practice are carried out with the highest level of client care. Please remember, you will need to have your medicare card with you for bulk billed imaging services where eligible. International patients who do not qualify for this and do not have a valid medicare card will be billed privately.


Our ultrasound services are renowned by healthcare providers as being one of the best in providing safe, clear and fast images.

Our Philips ultrasound scanners feature advanced technical capability that provides extraordinary performance with highly accurate images, allowing for efficient diagnosis with optimum client safety.


Our Philips X-ray system is one of the best in QLD, using the latest image processing to provide the highest quality images of all parts of the body.

Our digital images pick up the smallest injuries and details allowing the diagnosis process to be fast, efficient, and get to the root cause of your issues quicker and more thoroughly.

CT Scans

Patients needing a CT scan can be sure that using our practice means that they will receive the highest quality exam, first time round. We are the only private practice in the region with a Spectral CT Scanner.

Our Spectral CT scanner is a world-class Philips iQon machine that surpasses the quality of images of those picked up by conventional CT scanners, which often produce inaccurate data that requiring more than one test.


Our clinics provide patients with the most advanced MRI experience. When it comes to providing accurate and clear images for diagnosing issues instead of needing surgery, our scanners are ahead of the curve.

Our premium image clarity and speed allows for your test result to come through quicker, as we know how anxiety-inducing waiting can be for our patients.

Our MRI exams are patient-focused, with internationally recognised staff who specialise in clinical diagnosis.


Interventional radiology is one of the newest radiology techniques that uses image-guided techniques to assist with surgical procedures such as biopsies.

Our clinic provides many procedures using interventional radiology to improve patient quality of life, whilst providing personalised treatments to every client.

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Our practice is dedicated to providing the highest level of patients satisfaction.

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