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Kidney CT Scan

Wondering what a kidney CT scan is all about?

Your health needs to understand the ins and outs of every medical test you can diagnose kidney problems you may be facing. With a kidney CT scan, you’re getting an imaging procedure that can detect issues with your organs which was, in the past, much more difficult.

At Mermaid Beach Radiology, we understand that undergoing a scan of the kidney can cause anxiety, and we do our best to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. To guide you, we’ll break down the ins and outs of what many call “the fastest X-ray” so you can know if it’s right for you. Read on for more information about kidney CT scans and their benefits.

What is a Kidney CT Scan, and What Does it Do?

Computed tomography (CT) technology is used during a kidney CT scan, a specialist imaging process, to obtain 3D X-ray images of your kidneys. It can detect or monitor disorders, including kidney stones, tumours, and other problems that impact the area’s kidneys or other internal organs.

Kidney CT scans are typically performed as an outpatient treatment, including contrast medium, a dye injected into your veins to enhance the visibility of particular structures and organs on scan images. This allows doctors to better identify any issues that may arise, such as cysts, tumours, or obstructions.

The CT scan photos are extremely detailed since the X-ray scanner spins around you, photographing your kidneys from all angles. Doctors can utilise these images to assess the size, shape, and texture of the organs in question and discover any anomalies.

Kidney CT scans are also utilised for more advanced operations, including biopsies and therapies. They are a vital resource for doctors in diagnosing and treating renal problems.

It provides precise kidney imaging without pain or harm to the kidney damage to the patient. It is the most reliable way to diagnose kidney diseases because it can accurately detect minuscule kidney structure changes.

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How Does the Procedure Work?

A kidney CT scan is a relatively simple procedure. The patient will be asked to remain still on the examination table. At the same time, the imaging machine passes around them. A contrast dye may be injected into the bloodstream to help highlight details of the kidneys in the image.

To create the image, the scanner employs X-ray beams that are targeted at certain portions of your body. The gadget captures multiple cross-sectional photographs of your kidneys as it moves throughout your body. The entire treatment usually takes around 15 minutes or less.

The detailed 3D images produced by a kidney CT scan can help doctors diagnose potential issues with the kidneys and other organs in the abdominal area. These scans often identify masses, stones, cysts, infections and other abnormalities. They can also assist in determining if particular therapies are essential or successful.

Once the scan is complete, the magnetic resonance imaging will be sent to a radiologist for further evaluation. After reviewing them, they may recommend additional tests or provide a diagnosis. The results of the kidney CT scan will then be used to create an effective treatment plan.


Common Uses of Kidney CT Scans

A Kidney CT scan is widely used to diagnose conditions affecting the kidneys. It is an imaging test that helps medical professionals better understand kidney or urinary tract issues. The most common uses of a Kidney CT scan include:

  • Diagnosing or monitoring kidney stones.

  • Assessing congenital abnormalities.

  • Evaluating possible tumours or cysts.

  • Looking for symptoms of urinary tract infection or other potential issues.

  • Monitoring the impact of treatment on kidney health, such as in dialysis patients.

  • Assisting in the planning of kidney surgery or other treatments.

  • Identifying any issues with blood vessels near the kidneys. 

  • Checking for enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen or pelvis.

  • Detecting blockages in the urinary tract.

  • Finding evidence of kidney inflammation or damage due to infection, injury, or other causes. 

Kidney CT scans are utilised in many situations, but these are only a handful. Talk to your healthcare physician if you need a kidney CT scan. They can review the suitability of this test for your scenario and address any concerns. 


How Do I Prepare For a Kidney CT Scan?

Knowing how to prepare properly is important if you are scheduled for a Kidney CT Scan. This will aid in the accuracy and success of the scan. The methods below will help you prepare for a Kidney CT scan:

Talk to Your Doctor

Having an open dialogue with your doctor is important when getting a scan. Don’t be afraid to discuss your medical history, including medications and supplements you take regularly.

Sharing this information can aid in avoiding interference with your scan’s results. Be honest and upfront because your information is confidential. Giving your doctor accurate information is essential to getting the best care. So, don’t hesitate to speak up – your health depends on it.

Avoid Eating and Drinking Before

If you intend to have a scan, you should plan. Avoiding food and drink for four hours before the scan is vital. This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget in the rush of daily life. This regulation is in place to ensure that your body remains steady and does not interfere with scan results.

Any food or drink consumption can impact how the test interprets your body’s signals or even cause interference on the imaging equipment itself. So, not only is it important to remember to avoid food and drink before a scan, but it’s also a crucial step to ensuring an accurate result.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

You don’t want to be uncomfortable during a scan. That’s why you need clothes that let you move freely. Select loose-fitting clothes that won’t interfere with the machine’s results – you wouldn’t want something like a metal button to throw off your scan.

Additionally, it’s essential to steer clear of anything that may cause discomfort, like tight garments or itchy fabrics. The key here is to prioritise your comfort and ensure you’re at ease throughout the scanning process.  

Remove Jewelry and Watches

To get an accurate scan, remove your jewellery and timepieces. It may appear to be a chore, but it is worthwhile. The results may be hampered if you wear metal jewellery while being scanned. It’s not that your jewellery or watch is a problem. Still, the metal can cause interference, reducing the scan’s accuracy.

Removing any jewellery or watches before entering the scanner is critical to avoid difficulties. It’s a small price for a better, more accurate scan, and you’ll be finished quickly.

The Benefits of Kidney CT Scan

If you experience abdominal pain, kidney pain, or abnormal urine production, you may have been advised to obtain a Kidney CT Scan. This scan is useful for diagnosing renal issues. Benefits of a Kidney CT Scan include:


We all want to know that our health is in good care. Fortunately, with contemporary technology, there are numerous ways to detect problems before they become major difficulties – and kidney CT scans are no exception.

These scans are quite exact and can detect even the slightest of irregularities. This implies that if there is a problem with your kidneys, it will be discovered soon, and therapy will begin immediately.  

Accurate Diagnosis

When it comes to your health, precision is everything. Kidney CT scans are reliable in detecting any potential kidney abnormalities, no matter how little. The benefits go beyond just peace of mind.

Quick and correct identification of abnormalities implies a quicker start to treatment and, ultimately, a better chance of a happy outcome for kidney disease. Don’t overlook the importance of having access to technologies that can assist in discovering potential problems early on. A kidney CT scan is an important tool for safeguarding your health.

Early Detection

It’s always better to catch issues early, especially regarding our health. Kidney CT scans have become valuable in detecting potential kidney problems. With this non-invasive procedure, doctors can quickly identify any issues with your kidneys before they become more severe.

The best part? You can begin therapy sooner rather than later, giving you a better chance of success. Making early detection a priority allows you to take charge of your health and ensure you do all possible to stay healthy.

Cost Effective

When it comes to medical scans, the cost might be a huge worry. Fortunately, there are inexpensive choices available. One such alternative is a scan that is both dependable and cost-effective.

This scan is ideal for those without insurance or who cannot afford MRIs or X-Rays. It’s economical, widely available, and handy for everyone. So, if money is an issue, but you still need a precise medical scan, consider this less expensive option.


A kidney CT scan is an important and useful imaging tool for diagnosing kidney-related health disorders. It can produce detailed photos of renal anomalies caused by illnesses or other medical disorders.

If you have any symptoms of kidney failure or urinary system problems, such as discomfort or trouble peeing, consult your doctor about undergoing a kidney CT scan.

So consider the above information when deciding whether or not to get a kidney CT scan. At Mermaid Beach Radiology, e specialise in CT scans and are happy to answer any inquiries. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.

We look forward to providing you with excellent, personalised service. Good luck!