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Pregnancy Ultrasound Gold Coast

Our Radiology and Medical Imaging Clinic provides high-quality ultrasound imaging on the Gold Coast in Queensland and offering world-class radiology services to support your pregnancy

What is a pregnancy ultrasound?

A pregnancy ultrasound uses the technology of sound waves to create ultrasound images for monitoring the growth of your baby. At Mermaid Beach Radiology, our team are committed to providing you with the highest quality ultrasounds and are dedicated to the optimum care of any patient during pregnancy.

Images created through ultrasound scans are captured in real-time, allowing for accurate analysis by a specialist onsite doctor.

Our pregnancy ultrasound services

Our sonogrpahers are qualified to carry out several forms of ultrasounds on-site, whatever stage of pregnancy you’re in or whether you’re looking for updates regarding the health of your baby, you can rest assured we have the skills and experience to provide your care.

Dating scan

A dating scan is a straightforward scan to complete and can be used if you were looking to reconfirm the due date of your baby with the official supervision of a doctor. This procedure can also determine the gestational age of your baby and is also useful as part of screening.

Nuchal translucency scan

Our ultrasound nuchal translucency scans are performed by staff expertly trained in conducting these scans, these scans can involve assessing risk for any chromosomal abnormalities but more importantly, this scan is conducted during your first trimester specifically to measure the size of the tissue at the back of your baby’s neck.

Morphology scan

A morphology scan functions as an analysis of structures during pregnancies so doctors can map the positioning of your baby’s body, as well as the placenta, amniotic fluid and anything else of interest. This is also known as an anomaly ultrasound and is usually conducted about 18 to 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

3D & 4D ultrasound

We also offer 3D and 4D scanning of your baby, with the former being a production of a still image of your baby and the latter being a moving image. These ultrasounds use the latest technology to allow you to feel at ease regarding the health of your baby and the status of your pregnancy.

Other services

We offer other ultrasound services that assist in identifying and managing other issues during pregnancy such a preeclampsia/ high blood pressure, general health risks. You can speak to a doctor at our clinic for more information on these services.

What to expect during a pregnancy ultrasound

We train each staff member to take good care of you in preparation for your ultrasound on the day, but for pregnancy ultrasounds, we would advise that you empty your bladder one hour before the examination and then immediately consume a litre of water within the hour before your appointment.

It is crucial that you do not have an empty bladder for when the ultrasound takes place, as the ultrasound will fail to produce an accurate image otherwise.

We advise our patients not to worry about the ultrasound itself, as it uses non-ionising radiation which has no known harmful effects.

If there are any concerns on the day, we will always have another member of staff on hand to reach out to a referring doctor if need be. As advised, you can be sure that total care will be taken when carrying out such a sensitive and important procedure.

After the ultrasound, there is no specific aftercare required, but if you feel unwell, please do get in touch with us.

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