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Whole Body MRI Scan

Diffusion-weighted whole-body imaging with background body signal suppression (DWIBS)

What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a powerful magnet in combination with pulses of radiofrequency in sequence to create images. Unlike CT and XRAY, MRI does not use radiation to create images and is considered to be safe with no known side effects.


Mermaid Beach Radiology whole-body MRI is a world-class examination that uses a combination of whole-body diffusion and conventional sequences. With our latest development on the most advanced equipment available*, the quality and accuracy of this examination has vastly exceeded the imaging standards in the field of radiology world-wide.

In routine clinical settings, whole-body MRI is commonly used to screen for, diagnose and monitor cancer and is regularly validated with other scan-types such as computed topography (CT) and/or PET-CT.

Elective whole-body magnetic resonance (MR) screening is a comprehensive examination for individuals who seek a baseline assessment of their health and to detect diseases before symptoms develop. This examination is able to detect cancer* and other health conditions that may, or may not, require further medical evaluation.


Non contrast
90 minutes
Music of your choice is played during the scan.
Exam can be stopped at any time if needed by you.


There is no known harm from an MRI scan.

– Mild discomfort from lying on your back for an extended period.

– Claustrophobia; MBR have a wide bore MRI scanner.


This screening MRI scan has limitations for small pulmonary nodules and detection of early cancer in the breasts/prostate and is not the test of choice to exclude aneurysm. As with all medical imaging and procedures, this exam may not be able to detect some diseases and/or conditions. In addition, this is a screening examination and is not a substitute for a dedicated scan for detailed assessment of targeted symptoms. For further information on diseases of interest, please seek advice from our specialist radiologist prior to proceeding with your examination.

This examination may detect life-threatening diseases such as cancer and may cause emotional distress. If any abnormalities are detected, you will receive consultation from our specialist radiologist. If medically required, further high-resolution targeted scans will be performed following consultation with your General Practitioner, or another specialist Doctor. Visit Richard Mille replica, pioneers in providing replica watches online, our trusted partners!


A radiologist report and images will be available within 48 hours. In line with routine reporting practice, this report will only comment on any abnormal findings.


Anonymised images may be used for research, development and/or training purposes in accordance with relevant national and state regulations.