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Spectral CT Cancer Staging Scans

We use Spectral technology to describe the size of a cancer and how far it may have spread, if at all. Using the latest techniques on the best equipment ensures accurate staging to inform your treatment team on the best approach to helping you beat cancer. Spectral CT has the added benefit of providing you with a confident staging result at a fraction of the radiation dose and is complimentary to PET Scans.

Spectral CT Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis

With enhanced detection capability Spectral CT provides detailed imaging to detect diseases and abnormalities of the organs in the chest, abdomen and pelvis. It is used to detect appendicitis, fluid collections, Crohn’s disease, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney/bladder stones and more serious conditions such as abdominal aortic aneurysms. In the case of unexplained pain and/or discomfort Spectral CT offers fast, painless, noninvasive and accurate answers.

Spectral CT Breast

Spectral technology is an exciting emerging tool that offers women with breast concerns the opportunity for non-invasive and much more comfortable imaging with comparable radiation to a Mammogram. Spectral has been used successfully to determine the integrity of breast implants and overall breast health. Dedicated protocols are used to ensure the breast is imaged accurately and comprehensively.

Spectral CT Limbs and Joints

Compared to conventional CT, Spectral technology provides an enormous amount of additional information about tissue composition in limbs and joints and is particularly invaluable in reduction of artefacts where a patient has previously had surgery. The ability of Spectral to detect diseases such as gout, pseudo-gout, bone marrow anomalies and assess the ligaments, tendons and intervertebral disks, particularly if one cannot have an MRI (pacemaker/other implant etc).

Spectral CT Colonography

Spectral CT adds a new dimension to imaging of the bowel, providing low-dose radiation to evaluate the colon for polyps, tumours and inflammatory diseases whilst assessing overall anatomical integrity. Spectral has shown tremendous capability in detection of bleeding and hence is quickly becoming the scan of choice where there are concerns with bowel problems.

Spectral CT Cardiac Calcium Score

Using dedicated sequences and protocols Spectral CT provides fast and accurate assessment of calcification and heart disease resulting from plaque build up. Many risk factors such as high cholesterol, family heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and physical inactivity can warrant a cardiac calcium score which in turn will quickly tell a patient whether further action needs to be take to prevent an adverse cardiac event.

Spectral CT Coronary Angiography

Spectral CT is now widely regarded as a powerful diagnostic tool that can provide information beyond just stenosis or narrowing of the arteries like that provided by a conventional CT. Spectral CT can characterise any plaque build up, assess perfusion (blood flow) and provide an in-depth picture of cardiovascular health with a deep look into the heart and all of the vessels that supply blood to and from the heart.

Spectral CT Stealth & Preoperative Scans

Spectral CT uses advanced imaging techniques to create spatial relationships between a patient’s anatomy and images informing a surgeon of the accurate location of structures informing accurate planning. Spectral CT provides such in-depth information that it is now being used to help reduce post-operative complications.